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In July of 2014, I had my unfortunate introduction to a woman named Jennifer Cornet. This was facilitated by a website called Tumblr and all happened within the Hannibal Fandom. Jennifer presented herself as "official" to the production company and the studio. For unknown reasons, the show's creator, Bryan Fuller, went out of his way to endorse her. Without ever meeting her, seeing a picture of her, speaking to her directly, or finding out who she was. This gave her all the credibility she needed to create the strange, sexual, cult following that she developed over the next few years of the show's run. I had first-hand experience with her and am here to tell my story.

This specific domain name was used by Jennifer Cornet and was active from 2013-2016 until she was exposed as being a scam artist and cult leader. She continued to squat on the domain name for a few years after but it was no longer active. When the domain became active, I took it so I could utilize it to spread the true version of events that occurred and I was witness to when dealing with her group. Many people over many years have tried to silence, censor, harass, and threaten me into being quiet. Into not telling my story. And for years, I thought maybe the best thing I could do to avoid the harassment was to give them what they wanted and go away. The only problem is that, it never went away. These people are still rabidly obsessed with me even a decade later. I realized, by removing my story and trying to pretend like it never happened, it only makes them appear to be in the right. They are not. The claims they make and the vicious lies, rumors, and slander they spread about me need to be cleared up. This is where you will find my account of what happened and not what Reddit or any other forums have turned it into in order to suit their own narrative.